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afl_crows_33's Journal

My name is Marcella
As all my friends would know I love the game of AFL!
I think AFL (aka Aussie Rules or Footy) is the best game invented in the world. My favourite team is the Adelaide Crows but i also like Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn and Carlton. I like all the teams pretty much and do my best to support them in any way possible like going to games when i can etc. My favourite player is Andrew McLeod. He is a LEGEND! Plus he is a great role model and shows great leadership on and off the field. Dont want you to ever retire Macca, even though you will some day :( Will miss you greatly when you do.
I also like a lot of other sports like tennis, soccer, volleyball, rugby etc... pretty much any sport except Netball. I dont like Netball that much i dont know why it's just not my type of sport.
Apart from sport i like drawing and painting. I usually do that in my spare time. I also like catching up and talking with my friends who i would be nothing without! I love all my friends and appreciate them greatly :)
I want to ezpecially mention two friends who i could not live without! Megan we always have a laugh whether it's at the footy or at school. You always manage to cheer me up when ever i'm down. Sally, i know i can always turn to you when i need to talk about something. You are one of the most trust worthy friends i have ever had!!! and for that i thank you. If it wasn't for both of you i wouldn't be the person i am today! As for my other friends you all mean a lot to me, you all have shaped me into the person i am today! Love u guys!!!